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At this year's K Show in Düsseldorf, BarcoVision will showcase EnergyMaster, a real-time tool focused on cost effective energy management, alongside PlantMaster, a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) for discrete plastics manufacturing.

For BarcoVision, with over 25 years of experience in real time production monitoring, it was the next logical step to develop an energy management system which correlates the energy consumption with production output, in order to calculate specific energy consumption (SEC) and CO2 emissions. EnergyMaster monitors the energy consumption of moulding or extrusion machines, material dryers, compressors, chillers, etc and prevents energy losses through real time alarms or detailed ysis. EnergyMaster makes the energy consumption transparent throughout the total production process and pinpoints areas where energy is wasted or used ineffectively. This new software package can be installed as a stand alone solution or as an extension to the PlantMaster MES system.

PlantMaster offers a collaborative suite of application modules and seamlessly integrates with the customer's ERP system. Typical applications include real-time production monitoring, scheduling, tool management, statistical process control (SPC) and maintenance management. PlantMaster features wireless technology for data collection, together with support for the latest machine communication protocols such as Euromap 6 and OPC.

Production and quality managers using PlantMaster today find it a superb tool to gain and maintain the highest productivity. Optimized order planning results in minimal tool changes, shorter lead times and fewer late deliveries. Real time machine status information and cycle time control allow quick reaction to reduce stop times and scrap rates. All of this automatically translates to higher production efficiency (OEE) and reduced energy consumption. The online process control guarantees the best production conditions and product quality. With the active traceability module, product conformity is also guaranteed. Thanks to PlantMaster, managers stay in control at all times without the use of numerous reports and spreadsheets.


Düsseldorf 27 Oct - Nov 2010, Hall 10, H 1